The “Greeks”

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The options greeks are a set of measurements that quantify an option position’s exposure to risk. Options and other trading instruments have a variety of risk exposures that can vary dramatically over time or as markets move. Each of the option greeks represents a different variable of option pricing. [...]

Risk Curves

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A Risk Curve, or payoff diagram as they are sometimes referred to, is a graphic representation of the profit or loss of a position in relation to price changes in the underlying security. When drawn with software, risk profiles can also take into account the effects of changes in [...]

Is it Time to Buy GameStop? Who Really Benefits from a Stock Split? | Pro-Trader Tips

By |2023-03-17T06:05:53+00:00April 6, 2022|

Who really benefits from a Stock Split? GameStop has announced a stock split subsequent to a significant run-up in their stock price over the past couple of weeks. Is the best known meme stock offering some value ...or are there other forces at play? Watch this analysis from Rob [...]

New! … Options Accelerator LIVE!

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Options Accelerator LIVE! … new webinar sessions are a new initiative from Elliott Wave Options. The Options Accelerator program is designed to get new and inexperienced option traders up to speed as quickly as possible by providing live training and coaching on options foundational concepts. And the great news is [...]

EWO Welcomes Ken Farber

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This month Elliott Wave Options is very pleased to welcome Ken Farber to present our new Options Accelerator LIVE sessions! The concept for our Options Accelerator weekly events is to assist less-experienced option traders to grow their confidence, and Ken’s background in both options trading and coaching ideally positions [...]

Risk Management Update

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Last week we announced a number of changes designed to improve our service for all subscribers. The session was recorded and subscribers can watch the full video here , however we’ve also summarized the article below: What’s Happening? We’re making changes to improve the experience for new EWO [...]

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