Triangle BreakDown For 42% ROI | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.676 – NTR

By |2023-05-27T00:12:53+00:00May 26, 2023|

Elliott Wave Triangle patterns NTR (Nutrien) is in a well-formed descending triangle with a low ADX in an overall consolidating market. Triangle patterns have a high percentage of breakout potential on their merit, especially one that has a triangle mouth this large. Adding in the fact that the VIX [...]

Learn Trades That Profit Up Or Down! | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.532 – JD

By |2022-05-11T00:31:31+00:00May 11, 2022|

EWO Volatility Strategy in action! In this trade review for JD ( Rob provides a great example of a volatile stock that tends to move both up and down a lot. When the stock consolidates, it becomes a great candidate for one of our unique Strangles that can capture [...]

Trading Silver Breakout For 106% ROI | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.530 – SLV

By |2022-05-08T01:53:06+00:00May 8, 2022|

EWO Volatility Strategy in action! In this trade review for SLV (IShares Silver Trust), Rob details the basics of our rules for setting up Strangles with consolidation patterns and that when our indicators line up, one can experience a nice breakout move with a better than average gain. This [...]

Double Triangle Pattern Earns 62% In 20 Days | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.521 – NUE

By |2022-04-13T23:32:50+00:00March 13, 2022|

Elliott Wave - Triangle within a Triangle! In this Trade Review for Nucor (NUE), Rob explains how the rather unique pattern of a "triangle within a triangle" was a great setup for one of EWO’s unique Strangle positions. In addition, Rob explains how he uses the ADX as an [...]

This Trade Profits Both Up or Down! | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.435 – PLAY

By |2022-04-13T06:47:54+00:00December 17, 2021|

Elliott Wave -  Unique Strangle Strategy In this Trade Review, Rob explains his unique Strangle Strategy that allows a trader to profit in a move in either direction. The unique part of the strategy is the strikes chosen based on the ideal potential delta acceleration. All in all, this [...]

Risk Management Update

By |2021-11-23T05:20:57+00:00November 23, 2021|

Last week we announced a number of changes designed to improve our service for all subscribers. The session was recorded and subscribers can watch the full video here , however we’ve also summarized the article below: What’s Happening? We’re making changes to improve the experience for new EWO [...]

Taking Profit with the CCI Indicator! | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.379 – C

By |2022-04-13T23:38:08+00:00November 16, 2021|

Elliott Wave Option's Unique Strangles In this Trade Review on Citigroup (C), Rob illustrates another example of one of EWO's unique Strangles that profit regardless of the direction of the stock's breakout. Join Rob as he explains in detail how he uses the Commodity Channel Index (CCI). [...]

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