If you’re looking to generate income from your options trading, our Delta-Neutral Trader service is the perfect why to elevate your trading! Delta-Neutral trading is a popular approach for many traders prioritize risk management as highly as maximizing their returns. These strategies allow traders to reduce the impact of market volatility and create a profit opportunity no matter the direction of the underlying security or broader market. The service employs a broad range of option strategies, including Calendars, Diagonals, Butterflies Condors and Iron Condors.

Delta-neutral alert features


Strategy commenced

– January 2023

Primary option strategies

– Calendars
– Diagonals
– Butterflies
– Condors
– Iron Condors

Capital Required

– Suggested $10,000
– Minimum $5,000

Trade Frequency & Duration

– 10-12 trades per month
– Avg. trade duration 20 days
– Maximum 12 open positions

How does the strategy perform?

Delta Neutral Trader is a relatively new service and so our hypothetical track record of performance is still building. However, Jeff has been tracking performance of these strategies over the past several years and his hypothetical track record is provided below as a reference.

What is the duration of an Options trade.

What is the typical duration of a trade?

The typical duration of a trade in the Delta-Neutral service approximately 30-40 days. This is because we are selling the short term options to collect the premium typically with the next month from the date the trade is entered.

How are trades selected?

Delta-Neutral Trader selects trade alerts through the use of proprietary scans to identify potential trade candidates every day.

The team at EWO then reviews these candidates manually including a review of available options to construct options positions and issue alerts.

How much capital do I need to start trading.

How will I
manage risk?

Risk management is our primary consideration when it comes to our trade alerts service and educating you on our trading strategies.

In general, our risk management guidelines recommend that you risk no more than 5% of available trading capital in any position. We therefore never exceed a position value of $500 per trade for our premium services.

See the delta-neutral strategy in action


Delta-Neutral Performance

This Hypothetical track record has been created based upon Jeff’s track record for trading this strategy with his students during 2022.
(Based on $5000 starting capital).

ProfitTotal number of Trades42
(With Commissions)$4756Average Initial Risk Per Trade$119
(Without Commissions)$4756Ration of Wins to Losses7:1
Total Commissions0Tim Period (Days)10
Total Gains$5001Total Losses-$245
Number of Winning Trades35Number of Losing trades7
% Winning Trades83%% Losing Trades17%
Largest Gain$873Largest Loss$95
Average Gain$143Average Loss$35
APL %94.84Expectancy Based on Average Loss3.23 R

In order to access individual trade details in the format shown here please login to the EWO platform. Access for historical trades is free.