Further downside weakness for stocks?

The market is contending with contradictory information.

The latest jobs report seems to be suggesting economic strength.

The ramifications for commodities in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine add more fuel to inflationary concerns… yet interest rates have backed off?

All this uncertainty sees the VIX unusually elevated and holding above 30%.

So what does it all mean and why is Rob concerned about further downside weakness for stocks?

Catch this update to learn more.

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

00:49 – SPY

02:57 – Interest Rates

04:29 – US Dollar

05:50 – Gold (GLD)

06:16 – Silver (SLV)

08:26 – IWM

09:55 – QQQ

10:43 – Bitcoin

12:20 – VIX

13:21 – TradeFinder

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