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Want to get up to speed on Elliott Wave … our Elliott Wave Primer is a great way to get a simple understanding of whether this type of analysis is something to add to your trading arsenal!

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  • Basic Definition of an Option The definition of an option sounds complicated, particularly if this is the first time you’re encountering it, so don’t be too concerned if it isn’t making complete sense right away. This course will help you understand the basics of options. With that said, here is the general definition of [...]

  • Option Components Options have five main standardised terms by which they are defined: Type of option (call or put) Underlying security (specific stock or index) Exercise (or strike) price Expiry date Option premium These five variables distinguish each individual option from every other available option. Each time you enter a trade using options, these [...]

  • Buying a put option is a welcomed alternative to short selling a stock. Although both strategies offer traders the chance to make a profit from a decrease in a market, only buying a put does so with limited risk. A put option gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to sell 1,000 [...]

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  • Elliott Wave Theory is the method for explaining the movement of financial markets including stocks, futures, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. In really simplistic terms, Elliott Wave Theory explains why markets do not simply go up or down in a straight line. It suggests that during any significant movement in the market, regardless of whether [...]

  • Elliott Wave Theory is a style of “technical analysis”. For those that need a refresher, technical analysis is the study of past volume and price movements in order to predict future ones. The crux of this style of analysis is to look for patterns in past prices … such as trends, support & resistance [...]

  • Elliott further discovered that each wave, whether impulsive or corrective, subdivides into smaller waves and/or comprises a part of a larger wave. This allows waves to be analysed in time periods ranging from a matter of minutes to many centuries. These ‘waves within waves’ are an important consideration for the Elliott trader and [...]