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Want to get up to speed on Elliott Wave … our Elliott Wave Primer is a great way to get a simple understanding of whether this type of analysis is something to add to your trading arsenal!

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  • Call options are an attractive alternative to buying the stock. The list below provides an inventory of a call’s properties. Call options give the buyer the right, but not the obligation to buy an underlying stock at the call’s strike price. In the US, each stock option typically represents 100 shares of the underlying [...]

  • Types of Options In this section we’ll give you some more context to the way that options markets work and who are the main participants involved. There are two main types of options: Over the Counter (OTC) options and Exchange Traded Options (ETO). OTCs are privately traded between the buyer and seller and include [...]

  • In the beginning, options trading will most likely be a little confusing. These sections are valuable and should be reviewed until the concepts are clear. As you read ahead, refer back to these sections for clarity and it will all come together. Basic Mechanics of Going Long and Short It is essential to have [...]

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  • The Elliott Wave pattern can best be explained by considering the activity behind the waves themselves – who is causing them and why. The two major players are institutional investors and retail investors. Of course Institutional investors (e.g. mutual funds) have very large buying power and comprise the bulk of the activity in the [...]

  • Ralph Nelson Elliott was born in 1871 in Marysville, Kansas. As a professional he moved into the field of accounting and was primarily employed in executive positions amongst the top railroad companies of the time. In 1920, Elliott’s life changes when he was hired by the US Department of State to assist in the [...]

  • EWO US Market Update

    The SPY?  Gaps and unconvincing volume! Rob isn’t loving the recent vertical move in the S&P500, … particularly with a string of gaps and unconvincing volume. He’s also listening when David Tepper and Paul Tudor Jones express concerns about what rates and inflation may do to this market. Catch this update to get his [...]