Elliot Wave Primer

  • Elliott Wave Theory is the method for explaining the movement of financial markets including stocks, futures, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. In really simplistic terms, Elliott Wave Theory explains why markets do not simply go up or down in a straight line. It suggests that during any significant movement in the market, regardless of whether [...]

  • Elliott Wave Theory is a style of “technical analysis”. For those that need a refresher, technical analysis is the study of past volume and price movements in order to predict future ones. The crux of this style of analysis is to look for patterns in past prices … such as trends, support & resistance [...]

  • Elliott further discovered that each wave, whether impulsive or corrective, subdivides into smaller waves and/or comprises a part of a larger wave. This allows waves to be analysed in time periods ranging from a matter of minutes to many centuries. These ‘waves within waves’ are an important consideration for the Elliott trader and [...]

  • The Elliott Wave pattern can best be explained by considering the activity behind the waves themselves – who is causing them and why. The two major players are institutional investors and retail investors. Of course Institutional investors (e.g. mutual funds) have very large buying power and comprise the bulk of the activity in the [...]

  • Ralph Nelson Elliott was born in 1871 in Marysville, Kansas. As a professional he moved into the field of accounting and was primarily employed in executive positions amongst the top railroad companies of the time. In 1920, Elliott’s life changes when he was hired by the US Department of State to assist in the [...]