Elliott Wave Hints Selling Is NOT Over!

After some record-setting down days this week, what do the technicals tell us about next week’s price action?
Elliott Wave suggests that ultimately we may not have found a button yet, however, Rob is confident the markets are due for a relief rally, or at least some kind of bounce to equalize the current oversold situation.
Catch this update to learn more.

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

01:19 – SPY

06:03 – Interest Rates

06:32 – Yield Curve

08:05 – US Dollar

09:30 – VIX

10:45 – DIA

11:26 – QQQ

12:49 – IWM

13:56 – Bitcoin

15:27 – GLD (Gold)

16:57 – FXI (China)

18:17 – EWA (Australia)

19:38 – EWC (Canada)

20:22 – INDA (India)

21:09 – EWG (Germany)

22:32 – TradeFinder

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