Elliott Wave Pattern still to complete?

Despite finding support at the 4200 level, the market looks likely to drop lower still to complete the Elliott Wave Zig-Zag pattern.

With further rate rises on the way, continued delays in supply chains, escalating raw materials costs and falling consumer sentiment, things look tough for equities.

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Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

01:09 – SPY

04:00 – Interest Rates

05:20 – US Dollar

06:47 – DIA

07:37 – QQQ

08:17 – IWM

09:16 – USO

11:11 – UNG

12:03 – Wheat

12:38 – Gold (GLD)

14:51 – Silver (SLV)

15:42 – Bitcoin

17:06 – VIX

17:43 – TradeFinder

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