Elliott Wave Trade Set-up Profits 94% | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No. 452 – MTB

Elliott Wave – Zig Zag directional patterns

In this Trade Review for MTB (M&T Bank), Rob highlights one of his favorite directional patterns, a Zig Zag pattern that is within a larger 5 Wave Impulse Pattern to the upside.

In addition, Rob explains that patience is sometimes required to allow patterns to fully develop to reach their respective targets.

This MTB trade returned a 94% profit for our Trade Alert subscribers in 55 days!

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Your Guide to Elliott Wave Theory – The ultimate in-depth guide!

Elliott Wave theory is a broad area of knowledge making it very difficult for beginners to know where to start!

This video from Rob Roy is designed to kick off your Elliott Wave journey by giving you a broad overview of the concepts that you will need to understand in order to start trading with Elliott Wave.

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