Elliott Wave Zig-Zag or New Impulse

Was July’s S&P rally a Zig-Zag Corrective move posing as a relief rally… or are we truly seeing the initial waves of a 5 wave Impulse move to the upside?

The lack of volume supporting this move hasn’t been convincing so far, however if interest rates find some support, we may yet have the conditions needed for a continued move higher.

Check out Rob’s latest analysis of key Elliott Wave levels for next week’s market activity!

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

01:39 – SPY

06:37 – Interest Rates

08:28 – US Dollar

09:58 – VIX

11:02 – DIA

12:04 – QQQ

12:56 – IWM

13:45 – AAPL (Apple)

15:23 – TSLA (Tesla)

16:17 – AMZN (Amazon)

18:02 – EWA (Australia)

19:06 – EWC (Canada)

19:44 – INDA (India)

20:34 – EWG (Germany)

21:26 – GLD

22:38 – TradeFinder

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