EWO Members Love The Weekly “Insiders Meeting”

Recently we completed a survey of customers and one pretty much unanimous piece of feedback was that EWO Members really enjoy the “Subscriber Only” Weekly Insiders Meeting. In fact it was rated as the best feature of our service!

The Insiders Meeting is a webinar held every week where Rob interacts exclusively with EWO Subscribers in a “talk-back” environment. Rob provides an update on the current market and goes through all of the open trades in both the Volatility and Impulse Strategy portfolios. Attendees can ask questions along the way and we generally have a very robust discussion with members asking Rob about his expectations and reasons for trade decisions along the way. Many questions are ‘voice’ questions so everyone can hear the discussion and it makes for really valuable education to get the perspective of other traders.

To conclude each weekly Insiders Meeting, Rob then opens the floor and takes questions on everything and anything traded related, including giving his analysis on stocks requested form members participating in the call. This is also an awesome way to provide potential trading opportunities that other members bring up!

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