EWO Welcomes Ken Farber

This month Elliott Wave Options is very pleased to welcome Ken Farber to present our new Options Accelerator LIVE sessions!

The concept for our Options Accelerator weekly events is to assist less-experienced option traders to grow their confidence, and Ken’s background in both options trading and coaching ideally positions him to be a great leader for this programme. You can learn more about Options Accelerator here.

Ken Farber has been an avid Options trader since the 1990s and has over 20 years of experience training thousands of individuals worldwide to trade their portfolios with greater safety, certainty, purpose, and profit.

In fact, Ken and Rob Roy have known each other for years as they were previously presenters at the same options training organisation. So, when Rob was looking for somebody to join EWO and lead Options Accelerator, Ken was an easy choice.

Ken’s broad professional experience also adds to his ability to analyse and trade stocks. His career outside trading has encompassed senior executive roles in human resources, educational development and training, public speaking and speaker training, accounting and finance, and private equity ventures. He continues to act as a COO for client companies and serves as an executive coach, helping to craft, staff and sustain uniquely creative and profitable organizations and their cultures.

Ken has worked with numerous Silicon Valley icons including Travelocity, Apple, Oracle, Intel, AMD, Cisco, Autodesk, Sun Microsystems, HP, 3Com, Adobe Systems, Novell, Nvidia, Intergraph, Silicon Graphics, The Coaches Training Institute, financial institutions including Citicorp and Security Pacific Bank (BofA) as well as numerous startup companies.

Having spent most of his career in New York City and San Francisco, Ken and his beloved wife of 22 years now live in the mountains of Colorado.

Rob and the team at EWO are excited to welcome Ken to the family.

By Published On: February 6, 20222 Comments on EWO Welcomes Ken Farber


  1. Henk February 8, 2022 at 5:04 am - Reply

    Welcome Ken. Although there is nothing wrong with the old folks young new blood is always an asset. I look forward to your webinars and hope Ken will also be present to keep the talks on a high level.
    The question below: three minus-1= my calculator says its 2.

    • Ken February 9, 2022 at 12:16 am - Reply

      Thanks, Henk! I appreciate the warm welcome and hope to see you on the calls.

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