The Bear Market is here!!

The S&P just broke key support, however neither volume levels or the VIX are indicating complete capitulation yet.

Rob expects that we’ll soon likely see another ugly day with true panic selling as investors realise that the bear market is here and we’re not likely to see a significant turnaround in stock prices any time in the near future!

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

00:49 – SPY

06:14 – Interest Rates

06:51 – Yield Curve

07:16 – U.S. Dollar

08:32 – DIA

09:05 – QQQ

09:59 – IWM

10:54 – Tesla

11:59 – Bitcoin

12:50 – EWC (Canada)

14:06 – XJO (Australia)

15:16 – NFTY (India)

16:13 – DAX (Germany)

16:58 – EWU (United Kingdom)

17:39 – VIX

18:43 – TradeFinder

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