No, Trade Alerts are NOT issued every day.

In fact, you’ll find that there are probably at least as many days were trade alerts are not issued, as days where trade alerts are issued.

The average time for most of our trades is slightly longer than 1 month, or several weeks, therefore it takes a while for trades to develop and ultimately be exited. While we are in those trades, the capital in our account is tied up so we don’t issue additional trades until we’ve exited positions and capital becomes available.

This approach is very beneficial for subscribers because it means you should be able to follow all of the trade alerts and the level of trading activity is manageable.

Another point to note is that due to the fact that we are trading specific strategies, we only provide Trade Alerts when there are opportunities that match the criteria for our strategies. Depending on market conditions there can be periods where very few signals are generated. However, the other side of this is that there are some periods where there are a lot of signals generated. It is not uncommon for exits and entries to come in clusters.

Regardless of whether alerts are being issued or not we monitor the market every day. So be assured that even if we aren’t issuing alerts, we are watching the market every trading session to manage our open positions and identify new opportunities for subscribers.