FED Double Whammy to Kill S&P Rally? | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

FED Double Whammy to Kill S&P Rally?

The FED has failed to follow through on its own plan for quantitative tightening and the market seems to be betting that it won’t happen any time soon.

A slightly better than expected CPI figure was enough to send the S&P higher again, but Rob notes this is still not on convincing volume.

In addition to interest rate hikes, will the FED actually hit the market with a double whammy in September and wind up QT?

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01:36 – SPY

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04:35 – Interest Rates

06:57 – US Dollar

07:43 – Bitcoin

08:53 – Etherium

09:50 – DIA

11:01 – QQQ

11:42 – IWM

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14:19 – INDA (India)

15:09 – EWG (Germany)

17:37 – TradeFinder

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