Key levels S&P Traders should watch!

Federal Reserve governor Brainard came out this week with the comment that the Fed will look to reduce their balance sheet faster than the market may have been expecting and probably sooner than expected… how has the market reacted?

The last couple of days has been in a small trading range that speaks to divided opinions.

There are items to support both a bull and a bear case for equities in the short term – so who will win out?

Rob looks at the evidence on both sides and identifies the clear technical levels that you need to watch!

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

00:53 – SPY

03:57 – Interest Rates

05:20 – Yield Curve

05:51 – XLF

06:37 – U.S. Dollar

08:06 – GLD

08:48 – SLV

09:23 – Copper

10:51 – Bitcoin

12:08 – QQQ

13:40 – IWM

08:34 – USO

14:53 – EWC (Canada)

17:29 – DBC (Commodities)

19:11 – VIX

20:47 – TradeFinder

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