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5x Powerful Indicators

For Stocks, Cryptos, Forex or Futures!

Rob will cover 5 indicators that he uses regulary to generate winning trades. No matter what markets you trade, you’ll gain an edge over other traders by adding different signals to your trading approach.

Directional Movement Index

Commodity Channel Index

Chaikin Money Flow

Exponential Moving Average

Elliott Wave Impulse Pattern

Learn Key Trading Signals

Unique for each Indicator!

We’ll be highlighting the important signals given by each indicator. Learn which signals are meaningful for your trading … cross-overs, divergence, confirmations, extreme levels and more!

Successful Traders

5x Course Workbooks

A Detailed Manual for Each Session

Yours to download and keep notes as we progress each session of the class! Study at your own pace and keep these workbook as the ultimate reference guide

Live Lessons from a Pro

Find Trades + Q&A with Rob Roy!

One of the most powerful aspects of these sessions is that you’ll be able to put your questions to Rob during the classes. You’ll benefit from hearing answers to attendees questions to ensure a deep understanding.

Learn how to Trade Options with Pro Trader Rob Roy

Recordings On-Demand

Revisit these lessons any time you want!

We’ll be recording and providing you with ongoing access to the live sessions. Once you’ve participated in our course you’ll be entitled to come back and review the lessons in our online learning environment whenever you need to.

Course Curriculum & Dates

Session #1

Directional Movement Index

The DMI, particularly it’s ADX indicator, is the indicator Rob uses most in conjunction with Elliott Wave. It’s not used by many traders because its challenging to learn. However, when you do … it’s a powerhouse!

Starts Live: September 1, 2021 @ 8PM EST

Session #2

Commodity Channel Index

This indicator is often overlooked by traders because it’s name suggests its for commodities only…but that is not the case! Learning the CCI can give you an edge over many traders who never even give it a second look!

Starts Live: September 8, 2021 @ 8PM EST

Session #3

Chaikin Money Flow

Volume of funds flowing into or out of a stock ultimately drives prices higher or lower through the forces of supply or demand. The CMF is an early warning indicator to help you identify these flows. Learn it’s key signals!

Starts Live: September 15, 2021 @ 8PM EST

Session #4

Exponential Moving Average

We’ll build up to looking at how Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) can be a much more versatile indicator than you probably think. We’ll look at the standard trend following signals but also its use as a short term overbought / oversold study!

Starts Live: September 22, 2021 @ 8PM EST

Session #5

Elliott Wave Impulse Pattern

This session will focus on the stages of an Impulse pattern as it develops from an initial ABC pattern to a confirmed 5 Wave structure. We’ll look at forecast future levels and how to initiate a trade and manage risk at each Wave in the pattern!

Starts Live: September 29, 2021 @ 8PM EST

Check out these winning trades as examples of
indicators you’ll learn during these sessions!

Taking Profits on Earnings with the CCI

This trade in Palantir Technologies (PLTR) demonstrates the power of the CCI. Rob uses a divergence signal to capture a pop on earnings… and in the process earns himself a nice 49% ROI in just 14 days!

EMA and CCI signals together!

This trade in Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) is a great demo of taking advantage of oversold conditions to profit from a short term bounce. Rob uses a 10-period moving average to identify the opportunity and then the CCI Indicator to confirm the entry! …The result is 52% profit in just 1 day!


ADX setup to good to ignore!

Our entry here was a little more aggressive than usual because the setup in the ADX indicator looked very strong and supportive of a continued move higher. However when the ADX signaled that the move was over we were listening … exiting with a 41% profit in just 20 days!

EWO ADX set up

DMI & Elliott Impulse signals combine!

This trade in Ammo Inc, (POWW) demonstrates the value of combining an Elliott Wave Impulse pattern with a good ADX indicator setup. Once resistance was broken, true to its name, this stock shot up like a bullet fired from a gun!

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