Inflation and War!

With inflation driving interest rate increases, and news of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, Rob isn’t seeing positive signs for stocks.

Elliott wave analysis reveals downside or corrective patterns for many major markets.

Catch up on the latest analysis in this U.S. Market update!

NOTE: For anyone interested in how to set up Strangles that can profit BOTH up or down, please follow this link to the EWO Volatility Strategy.

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

01:00 – SPY

02:58 – Interest Rates

03:55 – US Dollar

04:38 – Gold (GLD)

05:14 – Silver (SLV)

05:58 – USO

06:55 – QQQ

06:14 – Bitcoin

09:28 – Nifty

10:04 – DAX

11:02 – VIX

13:15 – TradeFinder

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