New “HighValue” subscriptions now available!

We are really excited to kick off 2021 by announcing the introduction of new “HighValue” subscriptions!

How is this different to current subscriptions?

We’ve been offering our Premium subscriptions for the past three years and have build up a tremendous track record. However one limitation of the Premium subscriptions, for each of the Hybrid, Impulse and Volatility strategies, is that we limit each individual trade to initial capital of $500. The reason for this was to make sure that even subscribers who are trading with the recommended minimum account size can still observe reasonable money management practices by not risking too much of their account in anyone trade. The limitation has been that where there are valid trades in stocks that have more expensive options, we are unable to send those alerts to subscribers because they breach our $500 per trade restriction.

Why is HighValue being offered?

We’ve had a growing chorus of requests for trade alerts in these more expensive positions from our dedicated subscribers… and this is where our new high-value subscriptions come in…! These new subscriptions will assume a minimum account size of at least $20,000 and therefore allow us to provide trade alerts on more stocks with more expensive options such as Amazon, Tesla and Apple just to name a few.

The strategies that we will follow as far as the process for selecting trades will be identical to the current Premium subscriptions. The difference will be that where the cost of entering a trade significantly exceeds $500, and that could be as much as $2,000 or more, then HighValue subscribers will receive these trade alerts in addition to the Premium trade alerts.

What will the results be like?

Rob has been trading larger positions for a long time, however over the last couple of months of 2020 we have been entering them into the EWO platform and beginning to build up a track record. It is our expectation that the percentage returns on these positions should be similar to the track record that we have developed for the premium alerts over the past three years. However, given the fact that we have not yet accrued sufficient data to publish a meaningful track record we will not make any undertakings as to future performance. When we have a more significant track record of HighValue alerts we will begin to publish that track record in the same way that we publish track records for the Premium trade alerts.

Are these subscriptions for me?

If you have access to a trading account with more than $20,000 then you are absolutely welcome to become a HighValue subscriber. However, we emphatically ask that you always observe the money management and risk management principle of limiting the amount of capital in anyone trade to ideally being no more than 5% of your trading account. Certainly never ever more than 10%! This is obviously great news if you’ve got access to a larger trading account and looking to employ more of your capital in trades. You can see the new subscription plans available here.

Current subscribers can update at a discount!

We are very pleased to be able to support our loyal subscribers by offering a discount for this upgrade to the new high-value subscriptions. To find out more about the special pricing for current members please click on the button below to contact an EWO account manager.

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