Will S&P break resistance?

In this week’s update, Rob weighs up the chart patterns from both the bullish and bearish cases.

The S&P is sitting below significant, but can it regain momentum to shake off a looming recession and considerable economic woes?

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Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

00:38 – SPY

02:54 – Interest Rates

03:21 – Yield Curve

05:02 – U.S. Dollar

06:07 – DIA

06:27 – QQQ

07:16 – IWM

08:34 – USO

09:50 – GLD

10:35 – SIL

11:08 – DBC (Commodities)

11:40 – EWC (Canada)

12:43 – VIX

13:44 – TradeFinder

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