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If you’re looking for more information on trading with Elliott Wave, trading options strategies or technical indicators then our online education section is the place to go. Remember subscribers receive free access to education courses.

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This range of EWO merchandise was created due to popular demand. We decided to have some fun with it and create some more entertaining designs inspired by Rob and the “pearls of wisdom” he drops on the regular!.

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Latest Updates & News

It’s Official. Stocks in a Bear Market? | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |May 21, 2022|

It's a Bear Market! Friday's trading session saw the SPY at 380, making it an official bear market having retraced over 20% from all-time market highs. Join Rob as he explores the charts to examine how low stocks will fall. Rob covers major US markets, individual stocks TSLA and [...]

Learn Trades That Profit Up Or Down! | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.532 – JD

By |May 11, 2022|

EWO Volatility Strategy in action! In this trade review for JD (JD.com) Rob provides a great example of a volatile stock that tends to move both up and down a lot. When the stock consolidates, it becomes a great candidate for one of our unique Strangles that can capture [...]

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S&P Gaps Make Me Nervous! | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |October 23, 2021|

The SPY?  Gaps and unconvincing volume! Rob isn’t loving the recent vertical move in the S&P500, … particularly with a string of gaps and unconvincing volume. He’s also listening when David Tepper and Paul Tudor Jones express concerns about what rates and inflation may do to this market. Catch [...]

S&P Filled Two Gaps… What Does That Tell You? | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |October 12, 2021|

Gaps are created by uncertainty and traders reacting to news! In the last 3 trading sessions, the S&P has filled two gaps... so what's that say about current confidence in the market? Gaps are created by uncertainty and traders reacting to news! Catch up on Rob Roy's latest analysis [...]

Zig-Zag Hints S&P Will Drop to 4200 | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |October 4, 2021|

S&P500 headed to 4200? The market bounced on Friday, October's first trading session ... however the Elliott Wave Corrective Zig-Zag is still in play so beware of more potential downside! This downward move seems to be in sync with all the anticipated Fib levels so 4200 may still be [...]

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