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This page provides information on the EWO platform that is accessible to all subscribers and the additional profit source Elliott Wave Tools that Rob Roy uses.

The EWO platform

EWO Platform - Dashboard

All the details you need to follow every trade!

The EWO platform is free to all subscribers as part of your subscription. The members area contains your own personalised dashboard that serves as a starting point to access alerts, trades, video updates, commentary and a Selection of trading education… All free to access as a subscriber!

EWO Platform Trade Detail

Detailed trade alert information to support your trading

The EWO platform has detailed trade alert information over and above the notifications that you receive via SMS and email as a subscriber. You can access information on every alert and every trade to make sure that you have a complete understanding of each trading position at any time. This includes chart analytics and rationale for each alert!

Learn about ProfitSource


A trader’s approach to Elliott Wave with automated impulse counts

Rob Roy uses ProfitSource software to generate automated Elliott Wave counts and scan the markets as part of his day-to-day analysis. The great benefit of using this kind of software is that it does the hard work to count Elliott Waves for you and even more importantly, it counts them in an objective consistent manner. You don’t need to have ProfitSource to follow the EWO trade alerts however many subscribers like to have access to the same charting software that Rob uses.


Rob Roy’s add-on module for custom scans and drawing tools

Rob Roy has partnered with the developers of ProfitSource to create an EWO Add-On module that provides his subscribers with exclusive access to his own proprietary scans and additional Elliott Wave tools.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive Rob Roy’s EWO Add-On Module for ProfitSource at no extra charge!… However remember you must already be a ProfitSource user to access this free benefit.

Request more information on ProfitSource now

If you’re not already a ProfitSource user and would like to become one we recommend purchasing the software from your EWO account manager. We can provide preferential pricing for subscribers and also include the EWO Add-On Module for free!

Watch Rob’s video about the EWO Add-On Module

Rob recently recorded a demonstration of his custom tools in the EWO Add-On Module. Check it out by clicking the button below!


Software updates

Strangle Mastery Perfectly Explained

We've had so many questions from traders wanting more information on our Mid-Year offer, in particular, what you'll learn as part of Strangle Mastery. Rob has recorded a brief to explain how this course will help you master his Volatility Strategy. Learn More About Strangle Mastery Mid-Year Offer [...]

Elliott Wave Software Demo

This video is a demonstration of the Elliott Wave Options (EWO) Add-On Module for ProfitSource software. More information can be found at the links below: ProfitSource Software ( Elliott Wave Options ( EWO Add-On Module (

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