Triangle BreakDown For 42% ROI | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.676 – NTR

By |2023-05-27T00:12:53+00:00May 26, 2023|

Elliott Wave Triangle patterns NTR (Nutrien) is in a well-formed descending triangle with a low ADX in an overall consolidating market. Triangle patterns have a high percentage of breakout potential on their merit, especially one that has a triangle mouth this large. Adding in the fact that the VIX [...]

NYSE Trading Halted – Trades Busted – Investigation Underway

By |2023-02-03T06:52:04+00:00February 3, 2023|

During early morning trading on Tuesday, January 24th the New York Stock Exchange experienced a severe “technical” issue which caused some very erratic pricing amongst approximately 200 stocks. The issue started at the open of the Exchange at 9:30 a.m. ET. The NYSE said a “system issue” prevented the [...]

A.I. Trade Alert Strikes Again! 25% ROI In 6 Days | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.610 – HLF

By |2023-04-16T23:48:33+00:00January 26, 2023|

How to Profit while stocks trade sideways! In this Trade Review for HLF (Herbalife), Rob highlights a trade in our Speculative Portfolio, which is used when there is an attractive trade setup, but it doesn't quite follow ALL of the rules of our 3 Primary Portfolios. In this instance, [...]

Dr. Copper Hints Upside for Stocks | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |2023-01-22T03:58:06+00:00January 22, 2023|

S&P shows 'Green Shoots' Rob's analysis is beginning to point to a number of "green shoots" for US equities. Over and above chart patterns, last week we looked at small business sentiment, and this week Rob adds the buoyant price of copper as another potential positive for the market. [...]

A.I. Butterfly Captures Time Decay Profits | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.608 – SHLS

By |2023-04-16T23:50:08+00:00January 17, 2023|

EWO A.I- based Time Strategy In this trade review for SHLS (Shoals Technologies), Rob highlights the primary strategy in the A.I.-based Time Strategy, the Put Butterfly. What is unique about this trade is the speed at which this butterfly generated a nice gain, as normally a butterfly needs a [...]

Elliott Wave Impulse Profit 60% In 11 Days | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review No.607 – NVDA

By |2023-01-12T04:06:52+00:00January 12, 2023|

EWO Impulse Strategy In this Trade Review for NVDA (NVIDIA), Rob illustrates a directional impulse trade on a stock that is retracing back towards the previous Wave 4. In addition, Rob explains how he uses some of our auxiliary trading rules to complement EW Patterns. This specific trade returned [...]

Did The Fed Just Pivot? | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |2022-11-25T03:21:03+00:00November 25, 2022|

Did the Fed just pivot?? The FED gave strong signs that its aggressive interest rate regime is over! Rob covers the market's reaction to the latest FOMC minutes and how this has impacted the Elliott Wave analysis. This update includes Tesla (TSLA), AMC (AMC), Coinbase (COIN) &Apple (AAPL). [...]

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