• “Hi Rob, Those who took the $250 for CCL’s Put early on have lost out on trusting your intuition/plan as the complete trade is now at $408-ish. Just shows to choose a strategy, make a plan and stick to it… ?

    Keep on the good work.”

    — Steve Morrell

  • “I just wanted to let Rob know that while generally can’t get to the live shows I get up Wednesday and Friday morning and go straight to Youtube to see what the show was. I consider this an invaluable part of the service and just wanted to share my appreciation for your services. Thank you.”

    — Jim DeKeyrel

  • “Hi Rob,
    I just want to thank you for your EWO options service, it has now been one year, and I have made VERY good money with your service.Thanks to you and my good friend Kevin, who has put me onto you.”


  • “Thank you so much!! I will honestly say, the other videos I watched so far were very informative and helpful. I appreciate all the hard work that you and your staff put into your craft. It will take me many months of studying your videos and technique of trading, and I will enjoy every minute of it!! I signed up 5 days ago and already put at least 40 hours of study time in, while holding down a full time job and juggling life. I just want you and your staff to know that people like me appreciate everything that you do!!

    I would also like to say, thanks!! Thanks for being transparent. Transparent in your words, your knowledge, your honesty.
    You are rare in today’s society. You are definitely good people!! Sincerely,”

    — Mark Hay

  • “Thanks Rob for checking on this for me. I don’t know how I got it either. LOL We are so thankful for you and love you as a teacher. You make everything so much easier to understand in the EWO Impulse and Volatility Strategy classes. Your knowledge and education are the reasons for our success.”

    — Carol Putney

  • “Good day Rob… I had been watching your videos for quite a while, (as well as many others), and I finally decided to try, so I subscribed on Friday Oct 30. I browsed at the open trades on the system during the weekend and on Monday Nov 2 I opened the positions on ABBV and PAYX both of which generated just over 137% gain; the first in 1 day and the second in 5 days. Wonderful way to start and a good omen if you ask me. So thank you.”

    — Victor G Celestino

  • “Good day Rob:
    First of all, thanks for the comments on CGC on Thursday night, but most importantly thank you for your guidance and advice. Kudos to you, your team, and your platform. I think you are all just plain great. Your educational content is about the best I’ve seen, your team is professional and friendly and your technical analysis is as good as it can get.”

    — Victor G Celestino

  • ” Rob, Thank you I am rewatching the class. Your expertise is wonderful. In the 90s all I did was count to 5. And then buy or sell ! This is ever more advanced!!

    — Ellen Weiss

  • “Hello EWO Trader!
    Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your service! You have the most complete package I have ever seen, full transparency, solid education, frequent updates, deep understanding of option pricing and a good risk management. Perfect!”