The Market is Weighing Up a Hawkish Fed | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

Rob Roy on the Fed and future interest rate rises

The market continues to consolidate… trying to come to a consensus on the likely outcome of the Federal Reserve’s more Hawkish position in future interest rate rises.

The price action reveals a potential triangle formation and the VIX remains elevated signalling risk.

Catch this latest update for Rob’s analysis and key levels to watch.

Sections in this Video:

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – SPY

02:56 – Interest Rates

04:09 – US Dollar

05:08 – QQQ

06:06 – IWM

07:11 – Bitcoin

08:09 – Gold (GLD)

09:09 – VIX

09:49 – TradeFinder

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