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The Time Strategy2022-07-05T21:28:34+00:00



As the name suggests, this strategy is designed to benefit from the time value of options. Our proprietary AI algorithm identifies opportunities where stocks are expected to trade sideways in a range. We then use options spreads, including diagonals, calendars and butterflies, to set up trades that benefit from the time decay of options to profit.

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Time alert features


Strategy commenced

– September 2021

Primary option strategies

– Calendars
– Diagonals
– Butterflies

Capital Required

– Suggested $10,000
– Minimum $5,000

Trade Frequency & Duration

– 10 trades per month
– Avg. trade duration 20 days
– Maximum 25 open positions

How does the strategy perform?

Since we began issuing trade alerts for the time strategy, it has a great track record. You can see full details of its performance track record below..

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What is the duration of an Options trade.

What is the typical duration of a trade?

The typical duration of a trade in the Time Strategy is approximately three weeks or 20 days. This is because we are selling the front month option to collect the premium. When that option expires we sell the other side of the spread that we purchased to limit our risk and exit the trade.

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How are trades selected?

Our Time Strategy uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to identify stocks that have experienced a significant price drop and are likely to trade sideways.

The analysis conducted by the AI is significantly more detailed than traditional technical analysis. In fact the amount of data being considered is well in excess of what a human could manage on a day-to-day basis.

We use the candidates selected by the AI to construct options positions and issue alerts

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How much capital do I need to start trading.

How will I
manage risk?

Risk management is our primary consideration when it comes to our trade alerts service and educating you on our trading strategies.

In general, our risk management guidelines recommend that you risk no more than 5% of available trading capital in any position. We therefore never exceed a position value of $500 per trade for our premium services.

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See the time strategy in action

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Time Strategy Performance

Summary Statistics

Figures Assume Starting Capital of $5,000

Total Trades
Winning Trades %
Cumulative Return on Account
Monthly CAGR %
Performance Summary
PeriodTotal TradesWinning TradesWin Rate %Cumulative ReturnMonthly CAGR %Avg. Trade SizeAvg. Days per TradeAvg. P/L per TradeWin:Loss RatioMax Draw-
Consec. Winners
Consec. losers
Monthly Portfolio Returns

Non-compounded returns based on starting capital, reset each year. Results attributed to the month and year the trade was marked as closed.

Monthly Trade Returns

Returns based on initial entry debit or net initial margin requirement if a credit position.

Individual Trade History

Example Historical Trade Format

Trade ID: 204


Long Call
EWO Impulse

1 x Contracts
17 Jul20

Apr 23, 2020
3.20 Db Fill

Apr 27, 2020
4.80 Cr Fill

3 Days in Trade
Return in
$160 P&L

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