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Trade Ideas Every Week

TradeFinder includes a break down of multiple different trading opportunities from our Elliott Wave Options strategies services.
As a subscriber to the TradeFinder service you’ll receive selected Trading Case Studies each week including:

  • Proprietary Elliott Wave analysis on individual stocks
  • Trading set-ups and likely future market moves discussed in detail.
  • Options strategies to capture potential profits from trade setups.
  • Ongoing review of trades including trade management and exits.
  • Unlock access to the trade detail section of our EWO platform.

Invaluable Education

It’s hard to state just how valuable the EWO Trade Finder can be, especially to an aspiring trader. Having weekly insights and guidance from a professional trader can accelerate your progress up the learning curve.

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All EWO Trade Finder content is presented in an easy to understand and easily accessible video update each week. All you need to do is sit back, listen and learn. You can pause or replay the recording as necessary to ensure you’ve understood Rob’s analysis.
For many traders, experienced and novice a like, the greatest challenge can be confidently selecting trades from among the myriad of opportunities daily. This is where our Trade Finder service can be an invaluable tool for traders.

* 76% winning trades percentage based on total closed out trades from January 1 to October 31st, 2019.

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