TradeFinder is a live weekly webcast
Get access to some of Rob’s best trade ideas!

Trade ideas
every week

TradeFinder includes a breakdown of trading opportunities from our EWO Trade Alert services. As a subscriber to the TradeFinder you’ll hear about selected trading opportunities each week including:


It’s hard to state just how valuable the EWO TradeFinder can be, especially to an aspiring trader. Having weekly insights and guidance from a professional trader can accelerate your progress up the learning curve.

Watch Live ...
or review recordings
at your convenience.

TradeFinder is an easy to understand update each week. All you need to do is
sit back, listen and learn. You’ll also have access to the weekly recording so you can pause or replay the recording as necessary to ensure you’ve understood Rob’s analysis. Benefit from the Experience of a Master.

For many traders, experienced and novice a like, the greatest challenge can be confidently selecting trades from among the myriad of opportunities daily. This is where a TradeFinder subscription can be an invaluable tool for traders.

The EWO platform

The EWO Platform is designed to support your trading and learning activities. The whole purpose of the platform is to allow you to share in the experience of a professional trader and accelerate your path up the learning curve that would otherwise take years longer.
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