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Education is a key part of our Trade- Alerts services. Our courses are designed to teach you the complete details of methodologies used to select and manage trades so that you can learn to trade them with confidence!

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Latest videos

ADX Indicator Setup to Good to Ignore | Elliott Wave Options Trade Review #343 – PBR

By |July 7, 2021|

ADX Indicator setup too good to ignore! Our entry here was a little more aggressive than usual because the setup in the ADX indicator looked very strong and supportive of a continued move higher. However, when the ADX signaled that the move was over we were listening ... exiting [...]

Pro trader tips

Trust Your System!

By |February 15, 2021|

In addition to Rob's many repeated mantra's, one saying he likes to stick by is "Trust Your System". This was definitely the case with this example on PYPL. The stock spent some time in a loss-making position, although never breaking below the wave 4 lows, and therefore never disqualifying [...]

Market updates

Raoul Pal Sees Storm Clouds Too! | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |July 19, 2021|

Raoul Pal, macroeconomist and Real Vision CEO Stocks ended last week slightly weaker … was this due to option expiration occurring Friday or are we starting to have more significant concerns? Certainly, Rob has been outlining “Storm Clouds” for the past couple of months and he noted this week [...]

Elliott Wave Zig-Zag “Grand Slam!” | S&P500 VIX Elliott Wave U.S. Market Update

By |July 11, 2021|

Elliott Wave Grand Slam! If you've been following Rob's S&P analysis you'll know how uncanny his use of the Elliott Wave Zig-Zag pattern has been in projecting levels. The last 4 patterns have been spot on and he's calling it the Elliott Wave Zig-Zag "Grand Slam" ... but now [...]

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