Live Webinar Master Class Series

Ready to learn exactly how we find trades?

A critical first stage in any trading system is identifying trading opportunities among the myriad of securities and markets every day .... Where do you start? What is the best criteria?... and what tools can you use?

Rob Roy has refined his trade scanning process over many years … through the EWO TradeScan Course, he’ll share complete details of his specific methods with you. You’ll learn exactly how Rob finds potential trade candidates that he then qualifies as Trade Alerts using Elliott Wave analysis!

  • . Multiple Live Sessions Over 6 Weeks

The Webinar series incorporates 6 online sessions … all Live with Rob Roy in which he’ll be dicussing the indicators used to find EWO Alert candidates … and all using current market examples to support learning. Check out the sessions listed here!

  • . Learn 3 Specific Scan Set Ups

Through this course you’ll learn 3 separate scans that we use every day to find trade candidates for our EWO Impulse Strategy and our EWO Volatility Strategy!

  1. EWO Bullish Impulse Scan
  2. EWO Bullish Corrective Scan
  3. EWO Consolidating Scan
  • . Indicator Master Classes

Our first 4 sessions will be dedicated to Master Classes on the Technical Indicators that are used in the scanning process. This means you’ll be learning the analysis and trading concepts that go along with each indicator. This includes:

  1. Directional Moving Index
  2. Moving Averages
  3. Commodity Channel Index
  4. Chaikin Money Flow

Before you start setting up scans, it is critical that you develop a strong understanding of the signals generated by these indicators. We’ll be going through these indicators in detail, including their traditional uses and signals, but also how you can use them as a trading system in their own right and how you can use them as filters for other trading signals.

  • . Practical Sessions to Scan Current Stocks

Once we’ve completed the theory of the Indicators Master Classes we’ll be moving on to practical application – everyone’s favorite sessions! We’ll go through constructions of the EWO scans using the indicator we’ve just learned. Then we’ll move on to running the scans and learn how to review and interpret the results to select potential trade candidates.

  • . All Sessions Recorded
We recognize that it takes time to review and learn any new material. Therefore, these sessions will be recorded and available to you for review immediately after the event.

SESSION 1 - 15 April, 2020

Indicator Master Class

Directional Movement Index

Duration: 60 Minutes

SESSION 2 - 22 April, 2020

Indicator Master Class

Moving Averages

Duration: 60 Minutes

SESSION 3 - 29 April, 2020

Indicator Master Class

Commodity Channel Index

Duration: 60 Minutes

SESSION 4 - 6 May, 2020

Indicator Master Class

Chaikin Money Flow

Duration: 60 Minutes

SESSION 5 - 13 May, 2020

Practical Application

Scanning for Impulse Moves

Duration: 90 Minutes

SESSION 6 - 20 May, 2020

Practical Application

Scanning for Break Outs

Duration: 90 Minutes

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