Impulse Strategy Mastery

Master Class - Live Webinar Series

This master class provides an in-depth look at the EWO Impulse Strategy. Take the opportunity to cement your understanding of Rob’s strategy and the best approach to trading in the real-world.  Rob will cover how to select trades and how to select the best option strategies to maximize profitability.

Session 1

Impulse Boot Camp

A deep-dive on impulse and zig-zag patterns used to identify trades.
Includes Elliott Wave rules,  confirming indicators, Fibonacci ratios and more.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Session 2

OTM Butterfly Method

Intensive session on Rob’s unorthodox use of butterfly option spreads. Learn to lower your cost of entry to maximize your profit and limit your risk even further.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Session 3

Practical Application

Time to put theory into practice.
Apply the learnings from session 1 & 2 into practice with real world examples.

Duration: 90 Minutes

All sessions will be recorded.

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