Volatility Strategy Mastery

Master Class - Live Webinar Series

This master class provides an in-depth look at the EWO Volatility Strategy. Take the opportunity to cement your understanding of Rob’s strategy and the best approach to trading in the real-world.  Rob will cover how to select trades and how to select the best option strategies to maximize profitability.

Session 1

Triangle Boot Camp

This session is a detailed look at the different forms of trangle patterns, including how to identify them and how to assess trading price targets.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Session 2

Strangle Deep Dive

An intensive session on the Strangle Options Strategy. Learn to select the best options to maximize profits based upon the Greeks.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Session 3

Practical Application

Time to put theory into practice.
Apply all the learnings from session 1 & 2 into practice with real world examples.

Duration: 90 Minutes

All sessions will be recorded.

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