It’s hard to believe we’re almost 3/4 through 2021 as September brings us to the end of Q3. Our Trade Alert performance has been strong the past couple of months as the chart below shows.

This chart also demonstrates the value of our trade alerts service over the long-term. If you’re looking to get started in trading options, or looking to improve results, becoming a member make sense.

More Than Trade Alerts … Get Experience

Our service is known for our trade alerts, however if you talk to our members, you’ll find that the real value is in the experience of learning to trade. Our service includes exclusive, members only, live sessions every week where we have an open forum talking about the markets and current trade alerts. This includes the opportunity for members to ask questions and get direct answers from Chief Trading strategist Rob Roy.

Complete Transparency … Trading Isn’t Always Easy

As the chart above clearly demonstrates, trading isn’t easy. Every trade is not a winner. You can see clearly that there are periods where our portfolio value has dropped or indeed gone sideways for periods of months at a time. Both 2020 and 2021 have had extended periods like that. Imagine you’d become a Trade Alerts subscriber at the beginning of 2021… You’d need to have some real faith to stick with it for those first few months before things became profitable. Some did, some didn’t … but if you did, you’ve learned some real trading lessons and you’ve developed some real trading confidence.

And therein lies the great value of our service. We are completely transparent. At any time, members can login and see all our wins and losses and all the complete detail of every trade. We don’t sugar coat it … there are times when it feels really hard. That’s when having a mentor like Rob Roy to guide you is invaluable!

Top Quality Education Included

The other big reason that our members value the EWO service is our education. Our trading education is as good as you’ll find anywhere, whether it be on options trading, Elliott Wave, technical indicators or money management… and it’s a free inclusion with our subscriptions. We work hard to continually create new courses and content and we’ve heard from members many times that the education is worth the price of the subscription alone.

A Final Word

So if you’re contemplating getting started trading options, make sure you learn with someone who is going to give you realistic expectations but also provide you with all the support you need to be successful.

Our subscriptions are month-to-month only, no long-term lock in contracts or expensive upfront fees. You can give it a go and test is for yourself but cancel anytime with the click of button… if you’re ready to give it a go, here’s a link.