Why Trading is Like Golf!

Did you know Rob Roy’s first career was golf pro? … for 13 years he played at tour events with golfers such as Ben Crenshaw, Greg Norman, Paul Azinger, Payne Stewart and many others. He even had the privileged of playing with legends Sam Sneed and Arnold Palmer!

Rob often equates trading and playing the game of golf. He comments that just the way that no hole in golf is ever the same, no trade is ever the same!

In golf, even though you may be playing the exact same hole, on a course that you’ve played before, the experience is going to be differet every time. Your game is affected by factors such as where the pin is placed, how the green is cut, weather conditions, the equipment you’re playing with… and of course your mental attitude on the day.

Trading is no different! Even though you may be trading a stock you’ve traded many times, or a technical trade setup that you regularly trade, small differences in both external factors affecting the markets, and internal factors affecting your mental attitude mean that no two trades are exactly the same.

Rob’s view is that the great benefit of these small variations is that it keeps trading interesting! You can never take anything in trading for granted and never relax your focus. You also can’t allow your mistakes to distract you or cause you to lose confidence in your plan. Those with mental strength and discipline are those that are able to prevail in trading in the long term… just like golf!

Rob Roy and Arnold Palmer
By Published On: January 19, 20211 Comment on Why Trading is Like Golf!

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  1. Jim Holder January 26, 2021 at 1:52 am - Reply

    Great analogy! And congratulations on your golf achievements.
    In my younger days, I caddied for Jerry Barber in the 1963 Western Open (he won the PGA tournament in 1961). Recently, I was a volunteer at the recent Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui.
    And, I’ve spent many workshops in Rob’s classes when Optionetics was the best in option education! I’m sure Rob remembers coming to the Chicago Marriott for February class.

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