Thanks for Registering for Zig-Zag Mastery!

When do the classes start?

The live sessions for Zig-Zag Mastery will kick off in November 2022 and will run on the following dates.

  • November 23rd, 2022 – Session 1 – The Zig Zag Trading Plan
  • November 30th, 2022 – Session 2 – Wave 4 Zig-Zag Setups
  • December 7th, 2022 – Session 3 – Wave 5 Zig-Zag Setups
  • December 14th, 2022 – Session 4 – Trading Zig-Zags in Wave 3

What should you do to prepare?

In order to get ready for the Zig-Zag Mastery live sessions we recommend that you do the following:

#1 Complete Online Modules (Zig-Zag Mastery 1 & 2)

Prior to the live sessions kicking off, it’s recommended that you review the Zig-Zag Mastery online educational classes. Please review Sections 1 & 2 before our first live session! You’ll be sent a link to access our educational area soon or you can CLICK HERE.

#2 Download the Class Workbook

Prior to the live sessions kicking off, it’s also recommended that if you’d like to have the course manual / workbook ready you download it in advance. If you’d like to download the manual CLICK HERE.

#3 Ensure that you have ProfitSource Installed

You’ll also be given complimentary access to ProfitSource from now until December 15th 2022, because we’ll use the software’s automated Elliott Wave counts in the Zig-Zag Mastery classes. You will receive a separate email with details on how to download and install ProfitSource. We recommend that you do this well in advance of the class so that you’re ready to start learning when the first live session starts in November.

#4 Review the Extra Education (Optional)

As part of this Masterclass you will be given access to the both of the following online training courses. If you need more background information on Elliott Wave and the ADX indicator, you’re welcome to review either or both of these courses prior to the live sessions. Of course you’ll have them as a reference on an ongoing basis to review after the Zig-Zag Mastery sessions as well.

· Elliott Wave CORE Theory Class

To ensure that you get up and running with a working understanding of Elliott Wave, you have access to our Elliott Wave CORE training course. This includes over 3 hours of lessons to bring you up to speed on the fundamental concepts of Elliott Wave. You have access to this class immediately that you enroll in Zig-Zag Mastery.

· DMI-ADX Master Class

Another key indicator that we’ll be using in Zig-Zag Mastery is the Directional Moving Index. Rob Roy uses this indicator extensively for selecting trades AND exiting trades. This masterclass will give you a detailed understanding of the ADX so that you’re ready to hit the ground running in the Zig-Zag mastery sessions.

The information above is everything you need to know for now. We’ll be in contact again to confirm that you’re ready as we get closer to the beginning of the Zig-Zag Mastery Live sessions!