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#1 Live Classes with Rob Roy

Discuss Real Trades + Q&A with Rob Roy!

ZIG-ZAG MASTERY will take a deep dive into the Elliott Wave Zig-Zag Pattern and teach you a detailed trading plan over 4 powerful 90 minute live sessions.

Rob Roy in front of desk

#2 Detailed Course Workbook

Entries & Exits for each trade!

You’ll receive this detailed course workbook. Yours to download and keep notes as we progress each session of the class. Study at your own pace and keep this workbook as the ultimate reference guide while you learn by following our real-time trade alerts.

#3 Specialized Online Training

Revisit these lessons any time you want!

You’ll also have unrestricted access online trading education courses that support your learning. Stream these lessons on-demand to learn at your own pace and convenience!

  • Zig-Zag Mastery

  • Elliott Wave Core

  • DMI-ADX Masterclass

And don’t miss these special bonus items for attendees…

#4 Auto Elliott Wave Tools

Get Access to ProfitSource Software

You’ll have complimentary access to software to generate automatic Elliott Wave counts during the course… You’ll also receive our proprietary EWO Add-On Tools for ProfitSource!


#5 Real-Time Trade Alerts

Trade Entries & Exits for SMS or Email

You’ll receive our EWO Trade Alerts for trade entries, exits and adjustments. We’ll use these as examples to demonstrate what you’ll be learning throughout the Zig-Zag Mastery course

4 x Powerful Live Sessions.
Learn the theory & practical application!

Live Session #1

The Zig-Zag Trading Plan

In this session, I will detail a complete Trading Plan for the Zig-Zag pattern. This will include the Zig-Zag Trade Setup, how to Qualify the Trade for acceptable Risk vs Reward, how to handle the Trade Entry, what to expect during the trade and how & why to exit the Trade.

Wed, 23 Nov @8PM EST

Live Session #2

Wave 4 Zig-Zag Setups

Having learned the rules for trading Zig-Zag patterns, we’ll use real trade examples from our recent Trade Alerts to apply this strategy in action in the real world. In this session we’ll use Impulse Wave 4 patterns to identify a starting point for Zig-Zag trading setups.

Wed, 30 Nov @8PM EST

Live Session #3

Wave 5 Zig-Zag Setups

Building on our previous Session, we’ll extend our opportunities to find Zig-Zag trades by looking at Wave 5 Impulse Patterns. Once again we’ll look at real trade examples followed by a practical application session that we’ll use to look for current trading opportunities.

Wed, 7 DEC @8PM EST

Live Session #4

Trading Zig-Zags in Wave 3

Finally, will look at my favorite place to find Zig-Zag trades… Wave 3! Often Elliott Wave practitioners steer students away from trading Wave 3 as it can be hard to identify early. I’ll show you how to set up Zig-Zag trades in Wave 3 that can be extremely profitable!

Wed, 14 DEC @8PM EST

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything You Need to Know About Zig-Zag Mastery!

When is Zig-Zag Trading Mastery class being held?2022-11-01T02:27:35+00:00

Zig-Zag mastery will be held over 4 weeks on consecutive Wednesdays beginning on Nov 23, 2022 and continuing on Nov 30th, Dec 7th and Dec 14th. Each session will be held at 8PM US EST.

What if I trade stocks and not options?2020-12-28T20:50:13+00:00

This course is designed for anyone interested in trading financial markets. The content relating to options specifically will be very limited. Even thought we are option traders ourselves, we know there are many people interested in Elliott Wave who trade stocks, forex, CFDs or even Cryptos … if you’re one of those people then this course is for you!

What if I am new to Elliott Wave analysis?2020-12-28T20:49:38+00:00

It’s completely fine if you are inexperienced with Elliott Wave analysis. In fact, this is a great opportunity for you to build you knowledge! As an attendee of Zig-Zag Mastery you’ll also have access to the Elliott Wave CORE class which will bring you up to speed on Elliott Wave fundamentals. The Elliott Wave CORE contains about 3-hours of material so make sure to complete it before the actual Zig-Zag Mastery sessions commence. And of course you’ll also have access to all of the Zig-Zag Mastery recordings to review as you need going forward. So in summary, is one of the very best opportunities to get started with Elliott Wave that you could hope for!

What if I am already a EWO Trade Alerts Subscriber?2021-06-20T03:47:42+00:00

If you are already an EWO Trade Alert Subscriber you can enroll in Zig-Zag Mastery for free! Click this link to register now!

ProfitSource is built for Microsoft Windows, how can I run it on an Apple Mac?2021-06-20T03:45:41+00:00
ProfitSource is designed to operate on a Microsoft Windows OS and may not run natively on a Macintosh OS. However the good news is that there are a number of robust solutions available that allow you to run Microsoft Software on Apple Mac Desktops and Laptops. You can use one of these solutions to run ProfitSource on a Mac. Depending on the model and year of your Apple computer you may be able to leverage the free BootCamp application from Apple that is pre-installed on your Apple computer to run Windows from a dual-boot partition. Otherwise a solution like Parallels Desktop may work for you.
How long will I have access to the ProfitSource software?2020-12-28T20:50:46+00:00

If you register for Zig-Zag Mastery and you aren’t currently a ProfitSource subscriber, we’ve arranged for you to have complimentary access during the course. You’ll be able to setup your access as soon as you register. This is because ProfitSource does a great job of automatically labeling Elliott Wave patterns which will provide a great place to start looking for Zig-Zag trades. This way we can get into the Zig-Zag lessons quickly. You’ll have access to the ProfitSource software right up until Zig-Zag Mastery finishes. When the course is done you’ll have enough understanding that you should be able to trade Zig-Zags without using the software … but of course if you enjoyed using the software you can always subscribe to have ongoing access.

How long will I have access to EWO Trade Alerts?2020-12-28T20:51:22+00:00

If you register for Zig-Zag Mastery and you aren’t currently an EWO Trade-Alert subscriber, we’re going to give you complimentary access during the course. This is because our Trade Alerts use the methods you’ll be learning in the course to identify trades every week. We’ll be able to use current real life trade alerts to discuss how the theory you are learning is being employed in real trading. You’ll keep receiving our Trade Alerts right up until Zig-Zag Mastery finishes to compliment the education. However you’ll start receiving alerts as soon as you register for the class … so don’t delay!

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